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Golden Axe - Revenge of Death adder
  • Golden Axe - Revenge of Death adder

    Art packages designed specifically and tailored to the shape of the Arcade1Up cabinets. Our kits are designed so art is not hidden behind the buttons and sticks. We don’t just lay the original art over a new template, we design to the 1up.


    If you see something you don’t like, put in a request. We design these in keeping with the originals cabinets design but if you want extra art on the kick plate… just ask. We wont charge for making changes to existing art.


    Printed on high quality vinyl & laminated to protect the artwork. The ink will not get damaged or scratched off, the colours are incredibly bright and vivid and you have a choice of matte or gloss finish.


    Kits include -


    Left and Right Side art


    Monitor Bezel

    Control Panel


    Kick Plate



      PriceFrom £75.00
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