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Dragons Lair - Arcade Control Panel Overlay Vinyl

Dragons Lair - Arcade Control Panel Overlay Vinyl



  • Reproduction Control Panel Overlay (CPO) - Printed on 3.9mil Vinyl,  Laminated in your choice of Matte or Gloss (No charge) creating 6.9mil thick prints. Strong, durable and vibrant. Nothing leaves us with out lamination. We want your art to last.
  • Polycarb laminate is avaialble, this is an ultra thick, tough and durable laminate. Polycarb only comes in matte. 
  • Two idenitcal CPO's, we always provide a spare. The spare can be used as a drilling templete or backup in case of an issue on installation.
  • 1cm bleed is added, please use a blade to trim as necessary.
  • Printed to spec to replace damaged or missing original artwork. This will only fit the original dedicated cabinet, if you need a custom size please ask.
  • Extreme care to make sure colours and detail match the original.
    PriceFrom £25.00
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